My name is Fabi and I am a real Berlin girl! I’m born in Berlin and live here since I am born. I am a student and since I am in a long distance relationship I travel much more. Traveling is my passion and I enjoy every minute in another continent, country or just in another city. But Berlin will always be my home.

My boyfriend and I noticed that it’s quite hard to find good ideas on the internet for a Berlin trip. It’s not just about the Brandenburger Tor and the Tv Tower. You have so much more to explore in this city. We have so much different kind of places to see in Berlin. And in every season of the year, Berlin gets a different charm. Where is the best place to eat, to shop, to party or to sleep? I write about my own travel life in Berlin.

Yes, my own travel life in my own city. I still live at home and for sure you don’t want to live with your parents and your boyfriend when he is there for just two weeks. So we live in much different apartments and hotels. My boyfriend is born in Poland but moved to Sweden when he was nine and now he lives in Dubai and we met each other in Egypt. So let us call this relationship a tropical mix. And this is the reason why I travel much more now. Having a boyfriend living in Dubai, his family in Sweden and Poland, we both have friends in Hurghada (Egypt) and last but not least me stationed in Berlin because of my studies. I study music management and when I start the bachelor soon I also have to make seminars in different cities in Germany and I also have to go to Austria for my studies. So there are many places to explore and write about!

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